So, you have a wet basement… AGAIN. 


You have been through this many times before, so you know just what to do.  Plug in the dehumidifiers, ruin some towels, patch this, patch that, stare blankly at wet spots and wonder where they came from, rip up soggy, stinky carpet… STOP!!!!!


Time for a TOTAL BASEMENT SOLUTION by Oldfield Flooring!


It is time to figure out WHY your basement is getting wet and then take action to reduce or eliminate wetness.  Once the issue is fixed, we come in and install the proper materials to ensure years of stress-free enjoyment.


The TOTAL BASEMENT SOLUTION starts with a full-service consultation to determine the source of your issue and facilitate the restoration of your basement. 


Our consultants will:


  • Review Drainage and Grading outside the house

  • Visually Assess foundation for potential issues

  • Perform air quality tests and test for mold*

  • Contract to remove mold as needed

  • Demo and Prep the Basement 

  • Install New LVT Floors and Moldings

  • Fully Finish Basement


The TOTAL BASEMENT SOLUTION starts with a Free consultation and ends with Peace of Mind and a new, useable, healthy space in your home.  Let our network of professionals create your dream basement!

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Mold Inspection with healthEhabitats™

Mold in the house and office can cause many different health issues including asthma, adverse allergic reactions or even heart disease. Mold can easily grow almost anywhere in your home or office when the conditions get met. Mold favors conditions that are moist, warm spaces with plenty of oxygen and has an organic matter food source. healthEhabitats™ tends to find mold growing in basements or cellars that have experienced recent flooding, underneath kitchen or bathroom sinks, and behind refrigerators. These places in the home and office tend to have the highest concentration of cellulose, which mold uses to feed on to grow larger.


healthEhabitats™ is here to help rid homes and offices of this potentially massive problem. We want to improve health by finding the source of your mold problem and making sure that is it properly removed. healthEhabitats™ had state-accredited and licensed Mold Assessors that follow analytical methods recommended by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) as supported by the EPA. An education program has also been developed to ensure mold doesn’t return by adding a few simple steps to regular cleaning plans.

For more information contact:

Marie Spinelle - Certified Mold Assessor / Inspector License # MA01565

[email protected]